Shanaz Chowdhery

  • Regional Director - General Assembly
  • B.A. in Sociology - Yale
  • Productivity Enthusiast
  • Education, Efficiency, & Game Theory

About me

In March 2014, I quit my Master's program in Education at Johns Hopkins, left the Teach for America corps, dropped out of my teaching certification program, and resigned from my position as a 5th grade math teacher to join General Assembly. I've never looked back; I love working in education.

I am the Regional Director for General Assembly, DC. I strategize for scale and expansion while overseeing daily operations: marketing, admissions, classroom experience, instructional quality, and student outcomes. I occasionally teach workshops on productivity, coding, and negotiating, too.

Prior to becoming the Regional Director, I worked as an Admissions Producer and Admissions Manager and obsessed over building empathetic consultative sales teams, optimizing sales funnels, and finding sales operations efficiencies.

Previous workplaces also include: Emily's List, King's Dominion, Kumon, and Yale.

I love people, processes, and productivity.

GA Cog


Yale University: I majored in sociology, with a specific focus on pathways of American inequality including the sub-cultures of gangs and policing, social control, and social stratification. Like most sociologists, I believe that education is the most powerful vehicle of economic mobility. My senior thesis explored how participation in the college internship market is mediated by social capital and access to financial resources. I became the first in my entire extended family to earn a Bachelor's degree when I graduated with honors.

University of Oslo: I explored Nordic exceptionalism and gender equality, with a particular focus on Norwegian gender equalization policies regarding childcare.

Johns Hopkins University: I studied effective practices for teaching and learning in general education environments, classroom management techniques for general and special education environments, and transformational leadership in teaching to drive student success. When I withdrew, I was halfway through completion in earning a Master's of Science in Education with a 4.0 GPA.